Rick’s Reflections- 10/2/2016


Today we begin a new series of messages on the theme of Forgiveness.  It is a theme that each and every one of us deals with.  Whether we are weighed down with guilt from our past or carrying a deep hurt from someone else we all need to receive and give forgiveness.

How does that work?  What is involved in true forgiveness?  Why is it so important?  Can we forgive and forget, is that even possible?  Why is it so hard to believe that we can be forgiven?  What happens if we don’t forgive others?  Do they have to ask for forgiveness before we give it to them?

These and many other questions come to our minds as we consider such a prime issue.  Our hope is that this series will begin to bring the light of God’s Word to these questions and give us significant encouragement to discover the true miracle of forgiveness.  The by-product, reconciliation is a beautiful thing.