Rick’s Reflections- 10/18/2015


We here at Eastview are blessed to have men of faith and passion in leadership.  Today you are going to hear a message from one of our Elders.  Joe Corbett has been a dedicated servant leader with us from the first day they arrived on our campus.  He has a heart for God and for young people and it shows in all that he does.  His message is from the heart and is backed up by his life.  Give him your attention and your appreciation.

In November, we will be working through a series of messages on the theme of Growing as a Christ Follower.  It will be our intent to understand what the true catalysts for growth are in our walk with God.  When we add discipline and determination to the instruction of God’s word we have the path to our full kingdom potential in front of us.  The only thing that could make this journey we are about to go on better is to have more folks traveling with us.  Would you please take some time to encourage someone else to come and learn and grow with us?