Rick’s Reflection’s 10/4/2015


Over the past several months I have been doing a lot of thinking about significant things.  Things that make a difference. Part of the process has been contemplating impact. We all know that choices always have consequences. Somewhere sooner or later what we choose will make a choice for us.  You choose to go too fast, you will sooner or later get a speeding ticket or worse.

The reality of life is that before a decision is made and acted on we have some options, alternatives if you will, but after the choice is made there are consequences.

Having acknowledged that the nature of real significance is the ability to alter the course of history.  We may have to deal with choices made by others before us, but we are not a total prisoner of circumstance.  What we choose to believe and act on will have an impact on the future.

This morning as we consider true wisdom it is my prayer that we ask God to give us His wisdom to navigate the rest of our journey. Things can be different in the future, but that is up to you and me and the choices we make.  Let’s choose to make a difference, to do something significant for our Lord.