Rick’s Reflections- 10/13/2019


As we continue to look into the connection between being emotionally and spiritually whole, we need to come to grips with our past.

Having two sons who coach soccer one of the strategies that I became aware of early on was the need to go back to go forward.  Players will drop the ball back to someone behind them who is able to forward it more successfully.  It works, not only in sport but in our spiritual                   journey as well.

To break the power of the past we have to be open and honest about the past and its influence on us.  The point here is not that the past determines our future, but that it has had an impact on our present.  Going forward we must know what that impact has been and see how, with God’s help we can move forward, no longer held back by its influence.  Again, the past does not determine our future, God does.  God’s intention is that we grow up into mature men and women transformed by the indwelling presence of Christ.

Thank God we do not have to figure all this out by ourselves. Join us tonight at 6:00 as we dive deeper and discuss the message with fellow believers.