Rick’s Reflections- 1/7/2018


Today we take a closer look at the Gospel of Christ. We want to get some perspective on its meaning but also on it’s power and on our sharing of it. Paul’s letter to the Romans gives us a great   starting point for the study.

When Paul says that “For in the gospel, a righteousness from God is revealed,” we see God’s justice, His faithfulness to do what is right, and His saving activity towards mankind. This gospel is, “the power of God unto salvation.”

As we zero in on this central topic of the Christian faith, it is my hope that we will gain a deeper understanding of the amazing grace behind the gospel and develop a greater desire to share this life-giving message with as many people as possible.

We all are very aware of the decaying moral climate of our day. Without some divine intervention things look bad for the next generation of Christ followers. It is the Scripture’s contention that this gospel we are talking about is the only remedy. The world has been in desperate, dark times before and it was the Gospel, the Word of God shared and lived out with credibility by the followers of Christ that He used to turn the tide. As a student of history, I can tell you for sure that He has and will work through His people to bring about His purposes. We get to decide if we are the ones who help turn things around or just fret over the way it is. I believe the power of the gospel to transform the hearts of mankind is worth whatever effort is required from us to show and tell that message clearly and consistently. You in?