Rick’s Reflections- 1/14/2018


We are looking at the Bible’s claim that the “gospel of Christ” is powerful enough to transform the world. What we are seeing is that when the gospel is lived out in practice, it is the most powerful force in history, both for individuals and for entire societies. The Christian faith has transformed cultures and civilizations, demonstrating God’s goodness, and truth in so many ways. We see that transformation through art and literature, science and medicine, philosophy and social justice. It is up to us as Christians to change the world again, and if we answer the call to live out the faith we can challenge the darkness of the present day with the hope that comes from Christ. Allow me to share with you a powerful prayer written by Os Guinness I came across a few weeks ago;

“High King of heaven, Lord of the years and sovereign over time and history, grant to us such an overpowering knowledge of who you are that our trust in you may be unshakable. Grant to us too a sufficient understanding of the signs of the times in which we live that we may know how to serve your purposes in our generation and more truly be your people in our world today. To that end, O Lord, revive us again and draw us closer to yourself and to each other. Where there is false contentment with our present condition, sow in us a holy restlessness. Where there is discouragement, grant us fresh hearts. Where there is despair, be our hope again. For your sake empower us to be your salt and light in the world, and thus your force for the true human flourishing of your shalom. In the name of Jesus, Amen.”