Rick’s Reflections- 1/20/2019


At the time of this “reflecting” we are not sure what the weekend will bring in terms of weather. If you’re here reading this, good for you. I hope you are one of the “Perfect Attenders”, if not you can start now and be so for the rest of the year!

In all seriousness, last Sunday was an exceptional time of worship and fellowship for the Eastview family. Although the weather was a challenge, we had a decent attendance and a special opportunity to get to know some of the congregation a little better. It was impressive to see so much interaction when we broke up into small groups. Sharing in a way that does not happen without the intentional “doing it differently” brings us into a deeper appreciation of each other’s stories. The “one another” verses we used at the beginning of the service were a reminder that we can’t be the people God called us to be in isolation. My hope and prayer is that what was started last week will blossom into a much more connected body of believers. He has truly blessed us here at Eastview and I for one am glad to be a part of this family. May we grow in our love for Him and each other as we continue on the journey.