Rick’s Reflections- 1/13/2019


This is an exciting time of ministry at Eastview and I am so blessed to be yoked with dedicated and faithful people on the journey. We are   seeing tremendous victories in peoples lives as they orient themselves to the ways of the Lord. At the same time, we have so many who are struggling with very real challenges. Physical, emotional, relational and spiritual battles rage around us. It is so important that we keep our eyes on the Lord and trust Him to guide and provide for us. We have an enemy of the soul who is active, but we have a greater ally and source of strength and life in our blessed savior.

As we move into this new year it is my prayer that we seek the Lord together. I was blessed by a brother in the Lord this past week who had the courage to ask; “Where is it that God is inviting your willingness to let go and let Him author you into a story far better than you could ever think of, ask for, or imagine?”  Wow, what a challenging concept. I am committed to discerning that with the help of the Lord and I would pass on the challenge to every sincere Christ follower.

I don’t know all that the New Year will bring, but I am confident that it will be much more than we can grasp at the moment, and better by far if we trust Him to do in and through us what He has already planned.