Nathan’s Notes- 07/24/2016


A word from our new Associate Minister…


It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, but my family is finally reunited and settling into our new home.  For all the craziness, it’s been an exciting time and we believe that more excitement is soon to come.  Brianna and I are eager to get to know our new church family and to help you play an important role in the kingdom of God.  If we place Christ first and foremost, He will be sure to make eternal differences through our work.

Over the past few weeks, I have been observing the ministries and functions of Eastview Christian Church.  I’m encouraged to see our congregation filled with caring and generous people who sincerely want to do something good in this world and not just in their own lives.  As I learn more about this family, I expect to find even more wonderful attitudes.

I wish to thank Eastview for the numerous acts of kindness we’ve already been shown, be it help moving, delicious meals, or simple words of encouragement.  As you have been kind to us, we hope to be kind to you and want you to know that you may call on me at any time.