Rick’s Reflections- 07/17/2016


We have been talking about our current cultural challenges over the past few weeks and trying to address them in both an historical perspective and a view towards the future.  We have been reminded that God is sovereign; therefore there is hope for the future.  We have also been reminded that Godly leadership in trying times is vital.

Looking back one more time we see how God deals with nations in rebellion against His principles and purposes.  In Isaiah chapter 3 we see the consequences of this rebellion and the downward spiral of a disobedient people.  A noteworthy by product is that the people will eventually be lead by the unqualified; “mere children will govern them”. (vs. 4) The results are spelled out and it is not very good.  In vs. 12 we see that “your guides lead you astray, they turn you from the path.”

I don’t know about you but it seems we are being “lead astray”.  We must pray that God will move in our day and raise up a prophetic voice that will be heard across our nation.  We must also be “salt and light” in our circle of influence.  These are trying times for sure, and we as Christ followers are here on purpose.

Keep your eyes on Him.