April 19, 2020

Worship, Communion, and Lesson:


Study Questions:
· What characteristics do you see in the Peter we meet in the gospels?
· Do you see any of those characteristics in yourself?
· Read Luke 5:1-11. What did Peter have to let go of to follow Christ? 

What about us?
· Read Luke 22:54-62. Why do you think Peter reacted the way he did?
· What is most impressive about Jesus reinstating Peter after His resurrection?
· Why are Peter’s letters so important then and now?

For Families with Young Children:

Matthew 4:19
And He said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Songs and lesson: 


  • What are some ways we can show God’s love to others? Here are a few ideas if you are having trouble.
  • Check on your friends to see if they need anything
  • Call someone and make them smile or just listen if they are having a bad day
  • Be a helping hand for someone in your family
  • Say a kind word to someone who might not have a lot of friends

We can also show God’s love by not doing things. We should not be mean back if someone is mean to us. We should not talk about other people and not join in if we hear someone else gossiping. Think about one thing you could do differently in your life so that people see more of God’s love in your actions.

Has there ever been a time you wanted to share Jesus with someone but didn’t? What makes it hard to share your faith with others?

Can you think of one person that you would like to share the love of Jesus with? Pray for that person this week that Jesus will open their heart and mind when you share with them. Find a way to let that person know that you are thinking and praying for them this week (phone call, zoom call, letter in the mail, etc.).

Here’s the video showing the story of Peter that we shared on Facebook earlier this week in case you didn’t get a chance to watch it (or just want to watch it again): 

Make a fishing pole with some sticks and string. Tie a magnet from your refrigerator on the end of the line. Cut some fish out of paper and put a paper clip on them. Try to catch the fish with your fishing pole and magnet. You can make it a game if you see who can catch the most fish in 30 seconds. If you want to get really crazy, you can write the disciples names on the fish and catch them just like Jesus did!

Use dominos to build a cool design and knock them down. If we can share the love of Jesus with one person and that person shares with one other person and that person shares it with someone else and so on, we can help spread the love of Jesus all over our community and possibly the world.