Nathan’s Notes- 8/7/2016


It seems that you can’t go anywhere that sex is not on display.   Be it on billboards by the road, “family” sitcoms on television, or  magazine covers in the grocery store check-out line, sex is everywhere. It is becoming more and more difficult to protect our families from the influence of a hyper-sexualized society. To a secular world, insisting that sex not be put on display is fighting the freedom of speech, but wanting to protect our children from it is being prudish and indoctrinating them.

Now is an especially important time for Christians to know the truth about sex and be able to communicate it to others. In our service this week we will talk about the design of sex and why we believe it is only intended for marriage. Next Sunday night, I will be leading a one-night class at 6PM called “10 Myths about Homosexuality”.

As Rick pointed out last week, we wish to challenge you to “turn on your brain.” Don’t just know what we’re supposed to believe about truth, but know why we believe it. God has the copyright on truth and we can understand it better through His word.