Nathan’s Notes- 9/30/2018


       Without question, we are entering my favorite time of the year. When the weather snaps from sweltering hot to pleasantly cool, you will find me doing something I would never willingly do in the middle of summer: spending long periods of time outside. In Summer I hide indoors next to the air conditioning vent. I dread the walk from my front door to my car in the mornings. But in Autumn I’m a completely different person. I lay in the hammock outside just because the weather is pleasant, I make lists of outdoor chores that need to be done, I’m quick to take my kids out to play. It’s as if I am pulled outside by a deep-seated desire and I’m driven to relish in it while I’m there.

       As we continue studying this great topic of grace, we must look closely at it’s effects on the heart, on the very core of our being. When it enters the picture, hearts change. The grace of God has a powerful magnetic pull on us, calling us to the feet of our Lord Jesus. Much like the beautiful Autumn weather draws me out of my house, God has created us to need His grace and search for Him. Once we are pulled to Jesus, grace begins to work in our hearts and push us to do things we would never normally do. Today we will be studying the great example of a wee little man who saw this effect of grace.