Nathan’s Notes- 9/15/2019


Psalm 133:1

     Behold, how good and pleasant it is
    when brothers dwell in unity

     Last week we talked about the importance of unity among Christians. Scripture says that our unity is “good” and “pleasant”. In other words, it is appropriate and enjoyable. We are fulfilling part of our God-given purpose when we are united together under Christ, plus, it makes for a more pleasant life.

   I’m happy that in just one week, we will have a wonderful  opportunity to fellowship and grow closer to each other at our annual picnic. This will only be my fourth picnic with this church family, but I have never been disappointed by it. I have met new people, built friendships through recreational activities, and even laid out in the shade while listening to some of my brothers carry a conversation. If you are not planning on joining us, I encourage you to reconsider. This will be a wonderful chance to unite more closely with your family.