Nathan’s Notes- 8/20/2017


      I think everyone would agree that last Sunday was a wonderful day at Eastview. Rick’s message on “The Three Chairs” clearly laid out our choices: “Will I have no heart for God, be only half-hearted, or be sold out for Him?” If you are like me, those options have rung in your mind throughout the week.

   This week we’ll be studying a man in the Bible who struggled with that very concept: Jonah. Jonah, like all of us, was clearly called to sit in the first chair, but failed to do so over and over again. Today, we’ll be looking at how to assess ourselves in light of Jonah’s story. “Which chair am I sitting in?” I hope that the answer to this question will come clearer today. I also hope that we can all see practical ways to start sitting in Chair #1 more and Chair #2 less.

  • Nathan