Nathan’s Notes- 7/22/2018


Even those of us who only occasionally watch sporting events have witnessed it. It is inevitable. A close play is made, not so close that you don’t know the outcome, but close enough that some might not be able to tell. The referee makes a call… and is wrong. Some in the crowd cheer and some shout in anger at him.
How could two people watching the same event see  two different things? We have a myriad of reasons we give: “The referee was watching from a worse angle than me, he must have had something in his eye, he’s probably a cheater who was paid to make bad calls against my team.” But in the end, all we can say is that two people saw it differently. This does not mean that both are right. A batter sliding into second base either made it there before the ball or he didn’t- both options cannot be true at the same time. Therefore the only  logical conclusion is that- be it due to angle, proximity, or whatever else- some views are superior to others.

Today we will be discussing our perception of the world. In looking at the story of Hezekiah in 2 Kings 18, we will see that he looked at everything in a drastically different way from everyone around him, a superior way. I hope we will all be encouraged to look through godly eyes and see things the way that God does.