Nathan’s Notes- 7/21/2019


A few weeks ago we talked about how it can sometimes be difficult to hear the truth. Some truths are very threatening to us. Some disrupt our routines or make us uncomfortable. This week’s message is on a similar topic: Why is it so hard to communicate the truth to some people?

          It should be obvious to us that some people are more receptive to truth than others. We’re all aware of the thousands of people that come to faith in Christ through a single sermon delivered by a charismatic preacher, yet for some reason that stubborn relative of ours won’t listen, no matter how much time we spend talking to them. Granted, we may not be as charismatic as Billy Graham, but there must be more to it.

          Today, we will study a strange occurrence in the ministry of Paul and Barnabas. When they arrived at the city of Lystra, preached about Christ, and performed a miracle, the crowd went wild, but with a very different conclusion from what the missionaries were presenting. We’ll learn a little about the things that hinder some people from seeing truth as easily as others do.