Nathan’s Notes- 7/1/2018


We’ve spent the last few weeks speaking on a topic that everyone needs at some point in their life: what to do with our brokenness. We’ve all experienced times of pain, heartache, and confusion where we’re not sure where to go. We’ve seen that this is okay, even an important part of life. It’s through the hardest times that God is doing His greatest works in our lives and improvements on our hearts and minds.


This week, Rick will be speaking on where to go from here. We’ve acknowledged the brokenness. But what do we do to get our lives on the right track? We’ll be studying the concept of rebuilding from the book of Nehemiah today. During the time of this book, the people of Israel were living in exile for their sins. Nehemiah was an important official working under a foreign king when God placed it on his heart to return to    Jerusalem and begin to rebuild the city’s defenses. Let’s learn today how to rebuild after the disasters that have lead so painfully to our own brokenness.