Nathan’s Notes- 6/17/2018


Happy Father’s Day! I cannot stress enough how important it is that we take time to acknowledge men and the essential role they play in the family. A secular society would have us believe otherwise, portraying the common father as lazy and unintelligent. It is remarkable to me that in only a few decades society’s opinion of men has gone from Andy Taylor and Ward Clever to Homer Simpson and Ray Barone. But despite what the rest of the world thinks, we understand from scripture and from our observations how important godly men are and how badly they are needed. So¬†we celebrate them.

Today we will be studying a story of a father put through the most difficult test we can imagine: having to give up his son! Although a challenging passage, in it we see the faithfulness of Abraham and the great love of our Heavenly Father toward us. It is in the most difficult times that God’s love and grace to us is shown most clearly.