Nathan’s Notes- 3/26/2017


As we draw closer to Easter, our study draws closer to the death of Christ. This was a dark and terrible time in history that showed the kind of evil that can reside in the human heart. Jesus’ arrest was a fearful time, but not just for Him. This was terrifying for His closest friends and followers.

At this point in history, the Jewish people were still expecting a Messiah that would save them from their human adversaries. They expected a king to rise up, win a battle, and rule an earthly nation. In light of this, Jesus’ disciples must not have only been afraid but also confused. How could a great king be arrested? How could a dead Messiah save them from their enemies?

I’m sure that these sorts of questions were going through Peter’s mind while he followed Jesus and the mob that had arrested Him. It’s in this context that Peter fulfills a prophecy Jesus spoke just earlier that night: that he would deny Jesus three times. Despite all his good intentions and love for Jesus, Peter still failed Him.

Today, while we study this event in Mark 14, we will be focusing on Peter’s failure. From this we will learn exactly why even the most devout Christians can still fail Jesus at times and how we can change that.