Nathan’s Notes- 3/15/2020


          In preparation for the message today, I’d like to give you a                    number of scenarios. I’d like for you to assess each and decide what you would honestly do in these situations. When reading over these, do not give “church” answers. Do not think about what you know you should do or what the Christian thing to do is. But, knowing yourself, be honest and think about how you would likely respond.

-You are driving the speed limit down a highway when someone                 recklessly pulls out in front of you. You have to hit your brakes to avoid a  collision. As they pull away the driver of the other vehicle holds out their hand and gives you a very inappropriate gesture.

-You are in the store on a very busy day. As you wait in line at the checkout, you turn to look at something and someone else pushes their cart in front of you, cutting in line. When you politely say something, they refuse to acknowledge you.

-You are going for a walk in the park. You stumble over a stick and noticeably struggle to keep from falling on your face. A nearby person laughs at you and makes an insulting comment.

-You have just finished a huge project at work. When presenting it to your boss, a co-worker points out a minor error that does not affect the final result. As you try to get feedback from your boss, this co-worker continually mentions the small mistake over and over again to the point of embarrassment.

-You answer the phone at your job. On the other end of the line is a very upset customer who harshly criticizes you for a problem they had (even though it is not your fault). When you try to calmly explain the situation, they refuse to listen and, instead, continue deriding you.