Nathan’s Notes- 12/4/2016



We are well into the swing of the Holiday Season. Personally, I’m surprised at how little Christmas music I’ve heard and it’s already a week past Thanksgiving! If you’re like most families, the chaos is now beginning: decorating, travel plans, and gift shopping. While all these things are fine, we can find ourselves struggling to keep our focus on Christ. Sadly, it can at timesĀ feel like Christmas has become a secular holiday.

In John 17, Jesus said of His followers, “They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.” I think the hardest thing about being a Christian is not the insults or possibility of persecution, but rather the allure of worldly living. It takes effort for Christians to live surrounded by materialism and not be ensnared by it.

Let’s not wait until Christmas Eve to fix our focus on Christ. Let us, as His people, begin celebrating His arrival in this world now and continue throughout the whole season and beyond.