Nathan’s Notes- 12/8/2019


     As we begin to prepare for Christmas, a million things rush through our minds: what presents to buy, who to shop for, who to send cards to, what to make for meals, who to invite over, how many Hallmark movies to watch. The list goes on and on. But at the root of the busyness is the realization that this holiday is meant to be about Jesus. And so this is a time in which many people are challenged to consider where they stand with Christ and what they believe about Him.

Today, we’re studying a passage of scripture that is not often associated with the holiday season. But it is wonderful at showing us how different people stand in relation to God. What do people believe about Him? How do they choose to act on that belief? How sincere are they in their faith? My prayer is that we will gain a good understanding of what faith is and what kind of faith pleases God. Hopefully, we will all leave today reassessing our own commitments to Him and praying for the lost whose minds are shifting to His Son this time of year.