Nathan’s Notes- 12/3/2017


     “No news is good news,” or so the old saying goes. But for the people of Israel, this was simply not true. For centuries God had been dropping them hints, clues, and even a few obvious and detailed descriptions of a Messiah that would come and save them. But now the messages had ceased. They had waited, they had remained faithful, they had continued to serve God, but where was this Savior? The days of the old prophets were gone. There were no more Moseses, Elijahs, or Isaiahs to guide them and assure them that God had not forgotten His promise. Sure, they saw God working through major events in history, but there was no news of His Messiah. False       messiahs came and went, but they were soon proven to be disappointments. The people desperately needed some good news.

     This is when the first glimpse of this good news came. Not to kings, millionaires, or generals- but the news came to a couple of previously unknown people from a backwoods town called Nazareth. It first came to Mary and Joseph. Listen today as Rick shares the introduction of the greatest news given in all history.