Nathan’s Notes- 11/20/2016


The happiest people you’ll ever meet are those that are content with what they have. In part, this is because when they look at their circumstances, they see the  positive instead of the negative. When they look in their cabinet, instead of seeing the lack of their favorite food, they see all the other foods they’ve been blessed with. Instead of looking at their car and seeing a vehicle that under-performs next to a Lamborghini, they see a reliable mode of transportation.

A content person’s circumstances are rarely different from their neighbor’s. The only thing that changes is the lens through which they look at the world. Because they choose to see their circumstances through a greater perspective, they are genuinely happier, they enjoy life more, and they are truly thankful.

The old saying “money can’t buy happiness” is true. Happiness is actually free. We can all get it without increasing our incomes, trading in our cars, or getting that perfect tan. All we need to do is change our perspective.