Nathan’s Notes- 11/19/2017


It seems like two things inevitably happen every year around Thanksgiving.  First, people all over the country gather together with their families to enjoy time together and express thanks for what they already have.  Second, unfortunately, you  almost always hear a terrible story about something that happened the next day during Black Friday shopping– a sales clerk gets trampled to death, two women go to jail for a fist fight over the last of a product, and much more.

We all understand that there is a great contradiction in this.  That’s because thankfulness and discontentment don’t go together.  For a person to truly be thankful, they must have some level of happiness with their current situation. Thankfulness says, “Look what all God’s given me! I’m glad.”  Discontentment says, “I deserve more.  Why can’t my life be better?”

Today, as we approach Thanksgiving, I want to take a look at the concept of contentment as described in the fourth chapter of Philippians.  Join us today as we learn about this  important key to a joyful life.