Nathan’s Notes- 10/29/2017


Many people, and especially Christians, tend to look at marriage as a life goal. “I want to get married sometime in my life” is a common claim. A lot of effort is put into attracting the opposite sex, knowing what to say and how to act on dates, and trying to sweep someone off their feet. Of course there is nothing wrong with these things, but the sad reality is that much of these efforts end as soon as a couple says “I do”.¬† Within a few years, they are putting less effort into their relationship than they ever have before.

Interestingly, the Bible has very little to say about the time period immediately before marriage and it has a LOT to say about after. Over and over again in scripture we are told about the roles of husband and wife, their responsibilities to each¬† other, and the importance of the marriage bond. Marriage is not the end of your goal, it is only the beginning. Any couple’s final goal should not be saying “I do”, but it should deal with the kind of life they live after the honeymoon.

That’s why we are studying a short, but important passage today about the commitments that come with any marriage. Join us as we look into Hebrews 13:4.