Nathan Notes- 4/22/2018


“What makes you so special?” Maybe you’ve had this question asked of you in your life, maybe you’ve been the one asking it of someone else. Maybe you’ve even questioned yourself about it. What makes us special? Are we special at all? What is our value?

When it comes to this topic, we are often conflicted creatures. On the one hand, we believe ourselves to be valuable, but at the same time, we allow feelings of inadequacy to depress us and make us feel worthless. We can believe that we are the same as everyone else, yet constantly compare ourselves to others with a sense of superiority. Surely we’ve got something wrong.

As the people of our society has lost identity in Christ, we’ve lost our view of human value and greatness. We’ve distorted and muddled it with small, temporary victories and insignificant abilities. So the question remains: what makes you special?   Today, we’ll be discussing the value of a person and we may find it to be different than we have traditionally thought.