May 31, 2020

DOORS OPENING – June 7, 2020:

Our teams have decided to open our doors starting this Sunday, June 7th. Our time together will look a little different than normal but here are a few things you can look forward to and expect:

  • Worship will start at 10:00am. We expect to be begin the process of streaming starting Sunday. Our teams are still gathering technology for the best streaming experience and hope to have this completed in the following weeks
  • No Sunday School but please join us for worship
  • No Children’s classes will occur at this time but families are encouraged to worship together
  • Communion will be placed alongside distributed tables
  • Offering will continue to be online as well as trays within the sanctuary
  • Sanitization will occur often and made available throughout the building
  • Seating within the sanctuary has been adjusted to support social distancing guidelines. Please sit with those you traveled with.
  • If capable, we ask that you wear a mask while in the building. We understand and accept that not everyone may be able to wear a mask. For those who can, masks will be offered to those that do not have one.
  • Click here to view our official Back to Church communication

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Worship, Communion, Message


  • What is the biggest hurt that God has healed you of?
  • What hurt do you need Him to help you overcome now?
  • What Hymn, Psalm or Christian song helps communicate your heart to God in times of trouble?
  • In your own words, what does this passage tell us about the following;
    • Our attitude during suffering.
    • Blessings that may come from suffering.
  • What does Christ’s suffering mean to you?

Preschool and Elementary

Song, Verse, and Lesson


  1. Does God cause bad things to happen to us? Why does he allow bad things to happen sometimes?
  2. Can you think of something bad that has happened to you that caused something good in the end?


  1. On a piece of paper, write “God will never leave me” and draw a picture of you and God. Keep that somewhere in your room that you can see to remind you that no matter what is happening, God is always with you!
  2. Find some empty bottles, wadded up paper, or something broken in your house. See if you can make a sculpture or craft with it. Even more than we can take some bad things (trash) and make something good out of them, God can take the bad things in our lives and turn them into something good.

Middle School

Song, Verse, and Lesson


  1. When bad things are happening, how can we show that we trust God?
  2. What is something bad that has happened in your life? What is one good thing that came out of that hard time?
  3. What does John 16:33 tell us about hard times? 
  4. Read Ecclesiastes 3:1-11. Do you notice that for everything that seems to be bad, there is a positive? Just like there will be suffering in life, there will be good times too. God is with us and in control through it all!