Rick’s Reflections- 9/9/2018

Today we are introduced to an example of God’s grace leading to a transformation from doubt to belief. The Samaritan woman in John 4 had a very questionable past but thru her interaction with Jesus she takes an unexpected step. She acknowledges Him as the Messiah and begins to tell others about Him. We, like … [Read more…]

Rick’s Reflections- 9/2/2018

This week I have the honor of being the speaker at the 60th anniversary celebration for the church camp I grew up at. I attended there as a kid, worked many weeks as a dishwasher, team leader or grounds crew and later served as a dean for many years. I am appreciative of our Elders … [Read more…]

Rick’s Reflections- 8/26/2018

This week we begin a new journey into the world of “Amazing Grace.” Nathan and I will be turning the searchlight of Scripture onto this vast subject with the goal of encouraging you with God’s promise and practice of loving us beyond our wildest dreams. We will define terms, clarify expectations and give examples of … [Read more…]

Nathan’s Notes- 8/19/2018

  We’ve all been there… those awkward situations where conflict rears its head. Maybe it’s the careless words of a friend that wounds deeply, often without them even knowing. Maybe it’s the frustrating comment on a Facebook post by someone who loves arguing. Maybe it’s the inevitable encounter at the family reunion with “that relative”. … [Read more…]

Rick’s Reflections- 8/12/2018

Today we are thinking about the very important issue of knowing God’s will for our lives. One of the most central pieces to this process has to do with our relationship to God. If we are walking closely with the Lord and truly desiring His will for our lives, God will place His desires in … [Read more…]

Nathan’s Notes- 8/5/2018

Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.” When was the last time you felt weary and burdened? For me, it was just this past week. I had been having some lawn mower troubles, so my grass was exceptionally tall. When it finally stopped raining … [Read more…]

Rick’s Reflections- 7/29/2018

This morning we will take a peek at an old message with a  very current application in all of our lives.  As a church we are              encouraged to participate with God in the rebuilding of our lives and establishing the Kingdom of God.  Like those who have gone before us there are many challenges and … [Read more…]

Nathan’s Notes- 7/22/2018

Even those of us who only occasionally watch sporting events have witnessed it. It is inevitable. A close play is made, not so close that you don’t know the outcome, but close enough that some might not be able to tell. The referee makes a call… and is wrong. Some in the crowd cheer and some … [Read more…]

Rick’s Reflections- 7/15/2018

As we continue to look over the shoulder of Nehemiah, we learn spiritual lessons for rebuilding the broken places in our lives. Everyday we are reminded of just how much brokenness there is in our world.  We all deal with our own and that of others.  It is vital that we likewise be reminded that … [Read more…]

Rick’s Reflections- 7/8/2018

Someone once said there are two kinds of people in the world; those whose lives have fallen apart and those whose lives will fall apart.  I am not sure the language is 100% accurate but I think we can all attest to some level of brokenness in our lives.  It has been rewarding to think … [Read more…]