Rick’s Reflections- 3/19/2017

It was Isaac Watts who penned these famous words to one of the most powerful hymns ever. “When I survey the wondrous cross,                                                                 … [Read more…]

Rick’s Reflections- 3/12/2017

Today we begin a new series of messages focusing on Christ’s death on the cross. As we take a closer look, it is my prayer that we will be drawn to a personal encounter that will be a turning point in our life journey. When one considers all the world’s great religions, none is so … [Read more…]

Rick’s Reflections- 3/5/2017

Next Sunday (3-12) we will have a great opportunity for some connecting over lunch. Our fantastic fellowship team is coordinating the pitch in and I hope that many of you will take advantage of the occasion to get to know some of the church family a little better. And we know for sure there will … [Read more…]

Rick’s Reflections- 2/26/2017

We are drawing to a close our series focusing on having an Eternal Perspective. I hope it has been an encouragement to you. This week I came across the following thought from Jill Carattini, the managing editor of A Slice of Infinity at Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. She points out the fact that “the psalmist … [Read more…]

Rick’s Reflections- 2/19/2017

Over these past weeks, we have been challenged to take a good look at our lives and the perspective with which we view everything. I ran across this prayer in some writings by Os Guinness that spoke to me about how we might with an eternal perspective see our relationship with our Lord. O Lord … [Read more…]

Rick’s Reflections- 2/12/2017

We have been wrestling with the concept of living with an eternal perspective. It is a biblical concept for sure. Verses like “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” – Colossians 3:2 and the reminder that this life is like a vapor and passing wind (James 4:14) get our attention. We are … [Read more…]

Nathan’s Notes- 2/5/2017

It’s hard to find anything more worthy of our attention than the topic of eternity. That’s why I’m glad Rick is spending the next few weeks speaking on how to develop an eternal perspective. Ultimately, an endeavor is not valuable because I invest my time and resources into it, but because it will last beyond … [Read more…]

Rick’s Reflections- 1/29/2017

In my sermon preparation for this series I came across the following thought. “I would be more involved in church but, I just don’t have enough time. I would _________ (you fill in the blank) but I just don’t have the time. How often have you heard those words or perhaps have said them yourself? … [Read more…]

Rick’s Reflections- 1/22/2017

This week we begin a new series of messages focusing on an Eternal Perspective. Our life on earth is but a tiny speck on the timeline of eternity.  There is infinitely more disparity between a human lifespan and eternity than a drop of water and the oceans.  Considering this reality, we ought to live for … [Read more…]

Nathan’s Notes- 1/15/2017

After Jesus ascended into Heaven, His followers were met by an angel who said, “This Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will come in the same way as you saw him go into heaven.” This phrase laid out an important expectation that has characterized the rest of history. Over the centuries, Christians have disagreed … [Read more…]