Rick’s Reflections- 1/8/2017

Last week Nathan did a good job of reminding us that we succeed when we prepare and work with God’s will in mind.  A straightforward word directly from Scripture. In the weeks ahead, we will be exploring the idea of moving forward with an “Eternal Perspective.” We will be focusing on what it means to … [Read more…]

Rick’s Reflections- 1/1/2017

I would like to say thank you for all the kind words, cards and gifts during this Christmas season.  It is nice to be thought of.  This has been a very special year for us and I am so thankful to be part of this wonderful Eastview family.  Things are not perfect (how could they … [Read more…]

Rick’s Reflections- 12/25/16

One of the fascinating aspects of the birth of Christ was the drama of the trip to Bethlehem for Mary & Joseph. Luke’s gospel tells us that they had to make the trip to register for a census that would affect the taxes people would pay. It was not a good time for a trip … [Read more…]

Rick’s Reflections- 12/11/2016

As most of you know, this weekend Pam and I are in Kentucky celebrating Joshua & Alex’s wedding. It has been something we have prayed about often. Pam was praying for the future wives that the boys would pick while they were very young. I think she did a good job. We are so blessed … [Read more…]

Nathan’s Notes- 12/4/2016

  We are well into the swing of the Holiday Season. Personally, I’m surprised at how little Christmas music I’ve heard and it’s already a week past Thanksgiving! If you’re like most families, the chaos is now beginning: decorating, travel plans, and gift shopping. While all these things are fine, we can find ourselves struggling … [Read more…]

Rick’s Reflections- 11/27/2016

Allow me first to say a special thank you for the tremendous effort put forth last Sunday to make our church wide dinner a great success. What a team! Thanksgiving Day is a distinctive holiday. It doesn’t celebrate a battle or anyone’s birthday or anniversary. It is simply a day set aside to express our … [Read more…]

Nathan’s Notes- 11/20/2016

The happiest people you’ll ever meet are those that are content with what they have. In part, this is because when they look at their circumstances, they see the  positive instead of the negative. When they look in their cabinet, instead of seeing the lack of their favorite food, they see all the other foods they’ve … [Read more…]

Rick Reflections- 11/13/2016

Pastor Appreciation Month has been an encouragement for all of us.  It is at this time that we want to thank our wonderful friends here at Eastview for the kind expressions you     have made. From cards to gifts to affirmations, you have helped us to feel appreciated and encouraged in what we do. … [Read more…]

Nathan’s Notes- 11/6/2016

It is nearly time for Thanksgiving, which I believe is a wonderful holiday. In the midst of the upcoming Christmas rush, one of the most important things we can do is sit back, relax with family and friends, and take some time to reflect on everything we can be thankful for. On November 20th, we’ll have … [Read more…]

Rick’s Reflections- 10/30/2016

A few days ago, I was reflecting on our current political dilemma and wondering how we got to this point. I have been reading an ongoing series of articles by  David Lane. In his latest work, he noted that, “America is well on its way to learning a truth that can be learned in no … [Read more…]